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 ASI Difference

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Integration Excellence

ASI has set the standard of integration to the highest level among dental delivery systems by providing a fully integrated solution to operatory clutter. 

Modular Instrument Panel – ASI’s modular instrument panel design seamlessly integrates a complete range of dental instrumentation for a truly clutter free operatory. 

Your preferred Instruments – Unique in the dental equipment industry, ASI integrates your preferred brands of instruments into one dental delivery system.

Complete Control – Choose the precise location of each dental instrument in your system according to how you practice. Operate them all with just one foot control.


Modular Flex Designs

ASI’s modular dental systems combine function and flexibility in comprehensive dentistry, replacing traditional fixed cabinetry methodology.

Flex Space – ASI’s flexible approach to modern dental operatory design creates versatile, cross-functional products and solutions for group practices and multi-specialists.

Modular Platform – ASI’s modular-based platform features a building block baseline that provides the design latitude to build versatile products, attaching brackets and instrument trays when desired.

Unparalleled Upgradability – ASI’s Advanced Dental Systems® and Advanced Endodontic Systems® modular plug-and-play platform is designed for easy upgradability to accommodate changes in technology.

Multi-Specialized Operatory – In lieu of rigid fixed cabinetry, ASI’s Flex Space systems move freely within the operatory, providing unequivocal advantages of modern, space-saving operatory design.


ASI Advanced Endodontic System DrawingModular Office

Unique and Distinguished

Create a customized experience for your patients, distinguish yourself from the competition and impress your referral base.

Advanced Dental and Advanced Endodontic Systems® – ASI dental delivery systems are the focal point in the modern dental office, demonstrating cutting-edge technology and advanced treatment options.

iTech Solutions – ASI dental delivery systems accommodate large LCD displays and other digital technology to provide enhanced treatment plans and intimate one-on-one  consultations with your patients.

Color Customization – Create custom finishes to your operatory décor with endless color combinations that create a uniform and professional environment.

Modular Instrument Panel Drawing

Patient Experience

Differentiate your practice by enhancing the patient experience, instead of competing on price. An essential component of the patient experience is an environment that is not plain and clinical, but is set apart from the competition as a place where patients feel welcome, safe, and reassured.

Peace of Mind – When a patient enters the operatory, they may feel overwhelmed by the clutter of numerous cords, instrument boxes and foot pedals. ASI systems eliminate this clutter by integrating instruments with only one foot control while eliminating separate table top boxes and cords.

Professional Expertise – Patients want the assurance that they are receiving the most advanced treatment possible. A neatly-organized, streamlined system with a sleek design reinforces their confidence in you and their experience.

Superior Quality

ASI dental delivery systems are proudly made in U.S.A. in our facility that meets the ISO 13485 quality standards for a medical device manufacturer. 

Quality Construction – ASI products feature robust designs that are constructed of long-lasting materials such as stainless steel valves, titanium handpieces, thick-walled aluminum chassis with baked-on, scratch-resistant paint finishes, chemical-resistant plastic tubing and connectors, and medical grade casters.

Precision Machining – We bring our products to life with selective molding capabilities and dedicated CNC precision machining. Laser cutting and robotic bending produce highly detailed, complex and micro components with precision.


Made in USA

Refined Products & Solutions

In the ever-changing landscape of the multi-specialized dental industry, our products and solutions separate ASI from the rest. From operatory design to completion, ASI develops unique products and solutions to all functional areas of the dental treatment room.

 Visit our News and Information page for more information about new product development. You will also find information regarding events, company news, and helpful information relating to your ASI dental delivery systems and equipment.


ASI Products


A Painless Practice

It’s about Doing More with Less Effort

A painless practice is made up of a team that finishes their workday as strong as they started. This can be achieved by minimizing the day-to-day physical, mental and financial stress. These stressors affect each team member’s daily physical health, productivity and well-being.

ASI is committed to understanding our customers and their practices’ pain. We create products and multi-disciplinary solutions that result in enhanced ergonomics, profitability and peace of mind. What is your pain? Relief is in reach.

Physical Relief

The significant physical demands of the dental profession have profound effects on day-to-day comfort and long-term physical health. Over time, the cumulative effect of unnecessary reaching, bending and twisting can be devastating to a person’s body as well as their productivity. Scattered instrument control boxes, foot pedals and various cords across the operatory are not only an inefficient use of time, but also require more physical stress to complete the procedure.

Accessing an array of instruments without unnecessary effort during a procedure should be second nature. A distinctive feature of ASI’s Advanced Endodontic Systems® and Advanced Dental Systems® is that each system is customized with your preferred instruments, operated from only one foot control. Having instruments comfortably accessible at your fingertips minimizes unnecessary body movements and reduces physical stress during a procedure.

In The Zone

Mental Relief

Providing the finest treatment requires a multitude of specialized skills and teamwork. Managing a difficult procedure at the end of a full day requires the utmost attention and concentration. Mental focus is significantly reduced in work environments that lack organization and ergonomic accessibility.

Customized to the way you practice, the flexible positioning of ASI’s doctor and assistant delivery systems creates the optimal ergonomic environment. Achieve efficient fourhanded dentistry while also eliminating operatory clutter. Easily maneuver your system within close reach during the procedure. Stay focused on treatment outcomes during your entire workday in a comfortable and organized workspace.

Financial Relief

Modern treatment room design has evolved with advancements in technology and with fundamental changes in the landscape of operating a dental practice. These changes have specialists and comprehensive dentists rethinking how they do business by carefully determining the cost/benefit proposition of each revenue source and purchase.

Today’s dental operatory design fundamentals are based on function, efficiency, productivity and a ‘use what you need’ mentality. Break away from tired office layouts requiring expensive storage cabinets that hinder efficiency and ergonomic function. Instead, invest in the technology that generates revenue for your practice. ASI’s flexible, space-saving designs are built on practical, streamlining concepts that give you the ability to Do More with Less Effort.


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ASI Difference

Differentiate Your Practice


Architectural Design

Design Your Perfect Treatment Room




ASI Products & Purchasing

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ASI’s Dental Equipment Background

Since 1994, ASI has been a leading developer and manufacturer of mobile dental systems under the trade name Triton™ and fully integrated dental delivery systems under the registered trademarks of Advanced Dental Systems™ and Advanced Endodontic Systems™ 

ASI’s line of dental delivery units include standard dental units with essential air dental handpiece connections, air water syringe and dental suction instruments with the ability to upgrade certain options such as electric motors, piezo ultrasonic handpieces and curing lights.   ASI’s advanced dental delivery systems include the ability to integrate electronic dental instruments into the unit the control panel with operation from only one foot control. Integrated options include apex locators, obturation, electric rotary and high speed dental motors and piezo ultrasonic handpieces.

 ASI’s Triton line of mobile dental systems allows dentists and hygienists to set up an office without plumbing and for mobile dental delivery applications requiring self-contained dental equipment.