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New! Vise Bracket for Dental Instruments

New! Vise Bracket for Dental Instruments

Vise Bracket Eliminates Risk of Dropping Dental Instruments. ASI’s new Vise Bracket securely mounts tabletop dental instruments, keeping them in easy reach of the operator. These tabletop dental instruments include common brands of the following: Apex Locators... read more
ASI for Your Dental Equipment Needs

ASI for Your Dental Equipment Needs

Six Significant Reasons to Select ASI for Your Dental Equipment Needs. There are many choices of dental equipment manufacturers. However, ASI Medical, Inc. provides many unique capabilities and features that separate our dental equipment line from the others. Listed... read more
New! Multi-Specialty Assistant System

New! Multi-Specialty Assistant System

The Classic Flex Assistant System from ASI. ASI has released a new line of assistant dental systems called the Classic Flex. It complements its doctor dental delivery systems and eliminates the need for a 12 O’Clock cabinet. The assistant dental system can be... read more
Self-Contained Question – To Plumb or Not To Plumb

Self-Contained Question – To Plumb or Not To Plumb

Is a Self-Contained Unit Right for You? Changes and uncertainty in our current economic climate are reasons why more clinicians are interested in ASI’s Self-Contained Systems. Have you thought about self-contained as a possible option for your practice? The following... read more

Bundle Up with Year-End Savings Opportunities

Bundle up with These Savings Opportunities from ASI. ASI’s Classic Flex Assistant System and the Momentum Microscope Chair are in high demand. We are excited to offer these great savings opportunities. Take advantage of these special introductory bundle-prices... read more

ASI Support Videos

Now Playing: New ASI Support Videos! Newly updated ASI support videos will help you get started with your portable dental unit. They will also help you to maintain it. The In Service videos walk you through setting up your dental unit. Review demonstrations of the... read more

Suction QuickConnect

ASI’s Suction Maintenance QuickConnect ASI’s suction system QuickConnect Kit provides a hands-free, efficient, and convenient option for purging self-contained portable dental units straight into plumbing. After installing the kit in the plumbing system, simply attach... read more

New: Atomizer

ASI’s Atomizer for Vacuum Cleanser ASI’s Atomizer eliminates the need to measure or mix concentrate and saves time spent on purging the vacuum system. The Atomizer attaches to a bottle of ASI’s KeepClear enzymatic vacuum system cleanser. At the end of each day, simply... read more

New: Momentum Specialty Seating

ASI Medical’s new specialty microscope dental chair, The Momentum, was designed with the McKenzie Method™ in mind, which found that certain movements and postures can relieve pain and restore function. The convex, flexible backrest strongly supports the natural lumbar... read more

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