Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers are Saying About ASI Dental Equipment

Dr. Jeff Pafford

Nothing Better

“There is no better delivery system for endodontists.”

Dr. Gregory K An, DDS, MPH

Customization Capabilities

“This is a great product! The unique customization capabilities are invaluable.”

Dr. Art Lamia, DDS, MS

Increased Efficiency

“With use of custom designed ASI Endodontic Carts, we have integrated electronic/air-driven/rotary handpieces, ultrasonic systems, obturation units, micro-irrigation and micro-suction into one compact unit which increases efficiency and helps manage difficult endodontic procedures.”

Dr. Adam Davis

Dr. Adam Davis

Gone Digital

“My office is completely digital. Patients have come to expect technology in our offices to be up to date and are impressed when it works well. My ASI cart provides me with everything I need in one place. Integrated with a PC and monitor allows me to both treat efficiently and educate my patients effortlessly. My carts have the equipment layouts I specified and they look great. I wouldn’t have anything else!”

Dr. David Fife

Without Hesitation

“ASI did everything they said they would do… The product has worked great. I would do the same thing again without hesitation.”

Dr. Michael Marmo

An Endodontist’s Dream Come True…

“An Endodontist’s dream come true… everything together on one unit working perfectly together.”

Dr. Ed Kosakoski

Great Asset

“Great asset to any practice. Everything is at your fingertips. I don’t trip over all the foot pedals anymore!”

Dr. Joe Massad

November ASI Demo from MASSAD MEDIA GROUP on Vimeo.

Dr. Maz Ebrahimi

Dr. Maz Ebrahimi

Never Go Back

“Once you use the ASI cart, you will never go back to the traditional dental equipment.”

Dr. John Archible

High-Tech Image

“Patients always comment to me and the GP’s how High-Tech my office is. I could not be happier with the product and service from ASI.”

Dr. Sanjeev Bhanderi

My Third ASI Cart

“This is the third endo cart which I have ordered over the past few years from ASI Medical and they get better and better. It perfectly complements my new endodontic office and simply makes the delivery of my endodontic care seamless and more enjoyable.”

Dr. Vida Adib

Loyal ASI Customer

“I have been using ASI Endodontic carts for a number of years in two practices. As an Endodontist I am used to dealing with a number of machines and foot pedals. The biggest advantage of ASI carts is to reduce the amount of mess in my working environment. This helps with the safety and tidiness of the practice, while the cart design is very elegant and impressive in front of patients.”

Dr. Curtis Brimley


“The combination of personal choice of products and their seamless integration make for the perfect delivery system.”

Dr. Mark Limosani

Dr. Mark Limosani

Complete & Comprehensive

“ASI is the most complete, comprehensive delivery cart for endodontic therapy.”

Dr. Michael Trudeau


“ASI offers an ergonomic delivery system that is highly effective.”

Dr. Jeff Kotz

Top-Notch Customer Service

“The customer service I received from ASI was top-notch. They have been very responsive, professional, and courteous. Above all, the carts function extremely well.”

Dr. Ryan Burleson

Beautiful Design

“ASI carts put everything I need at my fingertips with a beautiful design and very clean look… no cords, no foot pedals in the way.”