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ASI Momentum Chair
Model: The Momentum with Padded Armrests [90-3512]

The Momentum is ASI’s new specialty microscope chair. It features an adjustable front seat angle that works in conjunction with the convex shaped back rest for a customized fit to the operator. This allows the operator to create their preferred balance of support from the thighs to the spine without rounding or overloading the spine.

Two styles of arm rests are available for the Momentum to further create a customized experience.

The Momentum is perfect for both the doctor and the assistant. The assistant’s chair can be ordered with optional foot ring, either armrest, or a single swivel arm bar.

Designed with the Ideology of:

 The McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®

“Most musculoskeletal pain is mechanical in origin, meaning that everyday movements and postures cause pain over time. Through a systematic evaluation of his patients, New Zealand physiotherapist Robin McKenzie found that certain movements and postures can often abolish pain and restore function.*”

*From the McKenzie website. For more information on the McKenzie Method and Therapy, visit

Video: Momentum Features and Adjustments

MomentumMomentum Telescoping Armrest

Anatomy of The Momentum

Key Features and Benefits

Adjustable Front Seat Angle. A common tendency is to sit forward on the edge of the seat. This can cut off circulation to the legs and leave the back unsupported, resulting in a backward rounding of the spine. The hydraulically controlled front seat angle of the Momentum can be angled downward to provide support while allowing the operator to sit higher. This position increases the hip angle from 90º to a more open 110º, reducing pressure on the spine. 

This allows the operator to remain fully seated at the back of the chair. This creates optimal lower back support while maintaining excellent proximity to patients.

Seat Tilt Adjustment. A forward tilt angle adjustment maximizes conformance to the operators preference in conjunction with the chair height and seat front angle.

Convex-Shaped Back Rest. The back rest of the Momentum is narrow and convex shaped vertically to support the lumbar curve. Adjusted in conjunction with the seat angle, the back rest provides support for long procedures. This helps to prevent slouching from muscle fatigue. Rubber bushings allow the backrest to support the back fully while stretching.

Two Styles of Armrests. The padded cushion style provides more elbow support and features adjustable locking rotation. The cradle style provides forearm support that telescopes and swivels, providing full support and mobility for Class III movements.

Slip Resistant Upholstery. The Momentum is covered with durable Valencia upholstery. It is coated with a Permablock protection finish designed to be easily cleaned. Waterproof, durable, antimicrobial, easy to clean and the slip resistant properties of Valencia make it ideal for microscope dentistry. 

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Customize Your Momentum

Doctor’s & Assistant’s Options

  • Padded elbow support
  • Telescoping forearm support
Assistant’s Foot Ring
  • Standard foot ring
  • Foot ring with hands-free seat height adjustment
Cylinder Height

Select based on your height

  • Small (under 5′)
  • Medium (between 5′ – 5’8″)
  • Standard (between 5’5″ – 6’2″)
  • Large (over 6′)
  • Extra Large (over 6’6″)
  • Standard black & gray
  • Many custom colors available – additional production time may be required
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Momentum Upholstery Colors