Instrumentation, Irrigation and Suction

Designed for today’s technologically advanced practice.


Electronic Instrument Integration

ASI’s Advanced Dental Systems® and Advanced Endodontic Systems® can be custom configured with the electronic instrumentation you prefer and are operated with only one foot control.

Irrigation Syringes


ASI provides an extensive range of irrigation instrumentation that can be added to delivery systems. These include air/water, air only bonding, micro air Endo Stropko™ and ASI’s RootDown™ series of titanium micro irrigation with dedicated bottles and chemically resistant tubing for dispensing solutions.

Suction Handpieces


Complete your delivery system with ASI’s precision machined titanium instrumentation. Both lightweight and strong, they provide excellent resistance to many chemicals.


Electronic Instrumentation Integration

All Your Instrumentation – Just One Foot Control

Instrumentation ControlASI’s delivery systems allow integration of electronic instrumentation. Instruments are installed in the order you prefer, with operation from only one foot control. Select location, placing instruments right where you need them most. Right and left handed configurations are available.

Instrumentation technology continues to evolve. Our exclusive modular panel design allows systems to be upgraded in your office with new instruments as needed.

Refer to the instrument selection guide for information on electronic instrumentation and integration options. 

Instrument Selection Guide

About instrument integration, selection, upgrading and more!



Irrigation Instrumentation

ASI’s irrigation instrumentation includes Standard and Endodontic Air and Air/Water Syringes, and the RootDown™ Micro Irrigation System.



ASI’s Air/Water syringe provides a quick disconnect tip with an outer press ring release. It accommodates disposable tips for this type of syringe. The Air/Water syringe features a rounded head style for ease of cleaning. Air ant water flow is controlled with individual adjustment knobs on the delivery system.

Instrumentation - ASI Air Water Syringe

Air Only

Bonding Syringe 

This is a single button syringe with a quick disconnect tip and adjustable air flow control. Since water spray is removed there is no possibility of moisture in the tip that could be spayed out. The incoming air to the syringe is filtered in the handle. This prevents moisture from condensation in the air line from being emitted. A dry air pattern is created for pre-restorations.

ASI Air Only Syringe

Micro Endo

Air Syringe

This is a single button syringe with a precision low pressure regulator. The air pressure can be regulated between 1-10 psi. A 2” StropkoTM Irrigator developed by Dr. John Stropko is included. Attach Luer type irrigation needles for micro drying. Visit for more information and techniques.

ASI Endodontic Air Only Syringe with Stropko™ Adapter

Micro Endo

Air/Water Syringe

Same as the Micro Endo Air Syringe but with the addition of water spray. It allows for micro irrigation with water.  Visit for more information and techniques.


ASI’s RootDown™ Irrigation System

A simple and efficient method for delivering irrigation solutions.

Instrumentation Push Button ControlConvenient and Ergonomic Use

Ease of delivery is achieved through ergonomic design. The wand-style handpiece is held like a pencil, with a push button control located on the shaft. No thumb pressure is required.

Access is simple – it is designed to fit standard handpiece holders, allowing placement on the holder bar. 


Download ASI’s Irrigation Brochure


ASI RootDown Irrigation


Choose to deliver one to three different solutions. The irrigation syringe includes up to three color-coordinated irrigation handpieces. Matching 250ml bottle reservoirs come with each one.

The handpiece, tubing, and bottles are chemically resistant to common dental solutions. This enables the delivery of irrigants of choice. Use with Max-i-Probe needles or other compatible standard Luer type needles.


Finite Control

The irrigation system utilizes a flow control regulator. This allows the operator to change the rate of delivery.

Active Irrigation Upgrade

Vibration is generated using air pressure from the dental unit. This gentle vibration creates movement of the solution into the canal. Activation is controlled by the foot pedal.

Standard Models Available


Single Micro Irrigation System

90-2741D Dual Micro Irrigation System
90-2741T Triple Micro Irrigation System


Upgrade Models Available


Active Irrigation Upgrade

90-2791N IrriVac™ Upgrade
90-2809N Active IrriVac™ Upgrade
Reservoir Capacity per Bottle 250 mL
Pressure Regulation Range 0-23 psi Max
Bracket System Dimensions 7″ wide x 3.5″ deep x 7.5″ high
Handpiece & Valve Construction Titanium
Bottle Construction HDPE
Irrigation Preventative Maintenance Video


Routine Maintenance

0:19 – Daily
1:25 – Weekly


Annual Maintenance

2:26 – Replacing Gaskets and Bottles
2:33 – Replacing Button Valve Assembly
3:46 – Replacing Active Orbiter Assembly
4:27 – Replacing O-Rings on Active Orbiter Assembly

Evacuation & Drying

Use ASI’s Micro Evacuator for fast rinsing and drying. Titanium body and inert Luer type connector allows use with caustic irrigating solutions such as sodium hypochlorite.

Instrumentation - Micro Evacuator

Note: The Micro Evacuator requires a suction connection. Ensure a suction outlet is provided in your junction box when specifying office design plans with your architect. The active irrigation upgrade requires connection to the delivery system and is operated by the foot control.


Suction Instrumentation

ASI’s precision-machined titanium Suction Handpieces offer a quality design with ergonomic features for lasting durability and ease of use. Titanium has excellent chemical resistance. It is lighter than stainless steel and provides comparable strength.

In addition to metal levers and swivel disconnects at the base, these instruments feature ASI’s single side valve design. This facilitates easy cleaning. Simply remove the side valve, which is secured with an o-ring. Clean the instrument and replace when finished.

ASI’s complete line of suction instrumentation includes the Straight High Volume Evacuator (HVE), the Ergo Angle HVE, the Saliva Ejector and the Micro Evacuator.

Suction Handpiece Instrumentation
Suction Instrumentation - Straight HVE

Straight HVE


Constructed from precision-machined titanium, ASI’s Straight High Volume Evacuation handpiece features the single side valve design The valve pops out for cleaning. Fits standard 1/2” HVE tubing and accepts standard disposable HVE tips.

Suction Instrumentation - Ergo Angle HVE

Ergo Angle HVE


ASI’s Ergo Right Angle High Volume Evacuation handpiece utilizes a 45° bend. The handpiece is held with tubing hanging down, minimizing weight and drag to the operator. The Ergo Angle handpiece features the single side valve design. The valve pops out for cleaning. Fits standard 1/2” HVE tubing and accepts standard disposable HVE tips.

Suction Instrumentation - Saliva Ejector

Saliva Ejector


ASI’s Titanium Saliva Ejector features a removable threaded titanium tip. This feature eliminates rubber tips which can fall off. The precision machined titanium instrument also features ASI’s single side valve design. The valve pops out for cleaning. Fits standard 7/32” saliva ejector tubing or 1/4” surgical tubing. It accepts standard disposable saliva ejector tips.

Suction Instrumentation - M.E.

Micro Evacuator


ASI’s Micro Evacuator is comprised of a titanium body and Luer type connector. Use with standard disposable Luer lock needles.

Fits standard 7/32” saliva ejector tubing for connection to a solids trap on your Assistant’s Package. It also works as an integrated option on your ASI delivery system.